Ocalenie Foundation

Ocalenie Foundation supports migrants and refugees in Poland through integrating activities, cultural and psychological support, professional and legal counseling.


Katarzyna Kubińska – a graduate of communities’ psychology at the Academy of Special Education, she has been active in the Ocalenie Foundation since 2015. Initially, as a volunteer, she helped the foundation’s clients, was a teacher of Polish. Then she worked as an assistant of financial coordinator of the projects, independently coordinated two projects on strengthening parental competences of migrant’s parents and preventing violence against children and the project “Active Integration”. Actually coordinator of the foundation’s activities in Łomża. Email: katarzyna.kubinska@ocalenie.org.pl.

Dominika Michalak, PhD – sociologist and sociolinguist; experienced evaluator of aid programmes; fan of participatory action research; combines activism at the Ocalenie Foundation with academic work at the Institute of Slavic Studies; her responsibilities in the Welcoming Spaces project include consultancy of research tools, and dissemination of research results. Email: dominika.michalak@ocalenie.org.pl.